The IRS and Individual Income Taxes

Every April 15, individual income taxes are filed and reviewed by the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS will either agree with what you’ve filed on your 1040 tax return and issue a refund OR the IRS will not agree with the information provided on your filed tax return and send a notice to provide documentation to support your return or that you owe the Government money. If you receive a letter or a notice from the IRS, it should not be ignored. A phone call to the right attorney should be made. It is important to have the right attorney when dealing with tax controversy issues as the Internal Revenue Service is not an agency that should be taken lightly.  The IRS has an extensive amount of power and so there are certain ways one should approach the IRS.  For instance, if you receive a notice from the IRS for issues with your tax return, there are many serious consequences that can occur if you do not take any action.  Many do not realize that there are certain time periods to provide documents and deadlines that must be complied with. Therefore, it is crucial to have an attorney in your corner that knows the processes and procedures to eliminate or limit your tax liability.

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