Civil Litigation

Your Civil Litigation Attorney in St. Louis and St. Charles, Missouri

Even a relatively small matter can quickly escalate into a lawsuit when parties are unable to reach an agreement outside of court. If you find yourself named as a party to litigation, or you believe that you need to initiate your own lawsuit, the worst thing you can do is fail to consult an experienced litigation attorney.

John Lynch is not only a highly skilled and experienced attorney, he is also an attorney unafraid to litigate. He has achieved many successful verdicts and settlements for his clients through his fierce advocacy and recognized expertise in litigation procedure. As a proven litigation attorney, John Lynch has the skills, instinct, and experience to represent you in court proceedings through trial and, where necessary, in the appellate process.

The Law Offices of John M. Lynch represents clients in a wide variety of litigation cases, including:

  • Contract Breaches
  • Partnership Disagreements
  • Employment Disputes
  • Personal Injury Accident Cases
  • Real Estate Disputes

If you or your business has been damaged by someone else’s conduct, you need to take action. If you have been served with court documents, it is crucial to contact a litigation attorney immediately as you have a limited time to respond, and your response may have severe consequences on the outcome of your case.

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