Motorcycle Accidents

Getting Legal Help for Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents differ from auto accidents not only because of the kind of vehicle involved but also because they can be more severe. With riders being more exposed, accidents can be devastating and cause a lot of problems.

For this reason, it is a good idea to get legal help for motorcycle accidents as in many cases, accidents occur through no fault of the driver. If you have been involved in a motor cycle accident and are unsure about getting legal representation, the following are some reasons that showcase just why you should opt for one:

Suing the right Party

Once the fault for the motor cycle accident has been determined, you need to file a legal suit with them. Based on the fault, this can be the insurance company, the manufacturer or even the other driver. In the event that it occurred because of negligent road conditions, you can even sue the state for an accident caused by their failure and neglect.

On the other hand, filing for a suit or a claim isn’t easy. Insurance companies are notoriously difficult to manage, and if you are hospitalized because of your injuries, it is a good option to get legal representation. You can let the lawyer do all the work for you and handle your case to ensure success.


Determining the kind of compensation you qualify for can be based on a lot of different factors such as the damages incurred, pain and suffering as well as compensation on the negligence of the other party. Based on this fact, you can explore three different kinds of charges for damages:

  • Compensatory – These cover direct costs such as medical expenses, vehicle repairs, loss of wages due to inability to work as well as scenarios where a permanent injury impacts a person’s ability to earn regularly. The kind of insurance you or the other party has will play a bigger role here.
  • Punitive – These cover malicious intent in the motorcycle accident. For example: someone deliberately knocks the motorcyclist over or more. Deliberate acts which can result in bodily harm or induce mental trauma can come under punitive damages.
  • General – General damages cover costs in the event that the injured party is not being compensated for costs that were incurred during their recovery. They pertain to mental trauma caused by the accident as well as a person’s inability to resume life in a healthy manner after the accident.

To get all three compensations, legal representation is necessary as you need to prove a strong case. Insurance companies and other responsible parties can easily exploit loopholes that you might be unaware of to avoid paying you the amount that you rightfully deserve.

Getting the Right Help

A legal attorney not only helps you file a legal suit, they can also provide you with advice on the right course of action to take. If you’re looking for a good attorney for motorcycle accidents in Missouri get in touch with the Law Offices of John M. Lynch. With a skillful team of dedicated attorneys, the Law Offices of John M. Lynch can provide you with the right legal help to help you win your case. Give us a call: (314) 726-9999.