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As a professional in the State of Missouri, state certification or professional licensure is as critical to your career as your education. Many professions, including physicians, pharmacists, nurses, teachers, administrators, CPAs, real estate professionals and lawyers cannot operate in their respective professions absent the required professional license through the state. Complaints or administrative requests for sanctions and/or criminal charges can have a direct impact on your licensure, and then, your ability to practice in your profession.

The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC. has been the go-to choice for many professionals facing administrative sanctions, including suspensions, reprimand, license revocation, disbarment, or other state disciplinary measures designed to strip a professional of his or her ability to practice, or simply stated- work.

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Attorney John Lynch has been the go-to choice for many professionals facing administrative sanction, whether coupled with criminal charges, or simply a complaint based on some alleged impropriety. Attorney Lynch has appeared before a host of administrative bodies, including the Board of Healing Arts, Labor Division, and many other disciplinary boards where he has successfully protected the professional licensure of physicians, nurses, teachers, real estate brokers and agents, pharmacists and lawyers alike.

Attorney Lynch understands the legalities associated with retaining professional licensure with the state and how to navigate the complaint/disciplinary process in a manner designed to protect the working rights of the professional accused of wrong-doing. Using his skills as an investigator and noted trial attorney, Attorney Lynch treats each case as if it were a trial, providing a detail-oriented, intelligent defense to the charges contained in a particular complaint, and then dissecting the complaint in order to mitigate or nullify potential sanctions.

Having an experienced legal professional with a reputation for integrity and tenacity is paramount to protecting your livelihood. Attorney Lynch has the requisite expertise and professional reputation necessary to help build a viable defense to any licensure disciplinary process. Additionally, Attorney Lynch maintains the level of professionalism professionals feel comfortable with as they address sometimes embarrassing and public complaints about their behavior. With appropriate resources, legal acumen, and keen understanding of the licensure process, Attorney Lynch is ready to help you tackle these complaints head-on.

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When facing professional license disciplinary proceedings, and possible suspension or revocation of your license, don’t procrastinate, and don’t take chances with your career- Call the attorney doctors and their families trust to help them retain their ability to practice -Attorney John Lynch. With your professional riding on the line, you cannot afford to turn a blind eye to licensure revocation.

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