Sex Crimes

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Highly skilled and effective criminal defense is absolutely necessary when you are facing a sex crime charges, including those relating to children. None of that has jury appeal, so it is important to get a jump start on building a plausible defense. Sexual conduct with a minor can include all of those found with an adult, including rape, indecent exposure, statutory rape, and even sexting. Understanding the sensitivity associated with cases of this type and having the requisite experience to navigate the client through a difficult situation, is critical.

Dedicated and Successful Representation

At the Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC. , Attorney Lynch has years of experience in dealing with sex crimes of this nature, both as an attorney and as former investigator. Attorney Lynch has the training and experience necessary to protect your rights. As a former investigator, Attorney Lynch understands the system, the methodology employed by law enforcement in building its case, and how to build a defense by identifying mistakes and addressing the credibility of evidence. Attorney Lynch brings a unique perspective to his defense practice, replete with out of the box thinking and a reasoned approach to attacking a prosecutions case.

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Sexual conduct , including those with a minor, are terrible, damaging to you reputation, and can land you in prison for a long time. If you are facing a sex conduct, or sex crime charge, including with a minor, you need an effective attorney unafraid to try your case and other provide an aggressive defense. Turn to the Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC. for your free initial consultation at (314) 726-9999 or email us at

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