Weapons Charges

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Weapons charges are serious legal matters in Missouri and can include steep penalties. Whether you are dealing with a weapons charge as a result of another criminal matter or had an illegal firearm in your possession, known as a federal 922(g) or 924(c), you need strong defense that will protect your rights.

Whether state or federal charges, the consequences can be severe. The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC, provides aggressive representation to clients in St. Charles , St. Louis and surrounding areas in Missouri and throughout the nation charged with state or federal gun crimes. In federal court, gun crimes are priorities for the Justice Department, and federal law is especially punitive with high levels of imprisonment.

Attorney Lynch has a keen understanding of this federal law, the related federal Sentencing Guidelines and certain statutory minimum sentences, such that he can create a custom defense for you. Even with the most daunting set of facts, Attorney Lynch has been able to defend his clients, to include walking them out of the courthouse at the conclusion of trial.

If you are faced with weapons charges, an experienced lawyer like John Lynch, who is skilled with gun laws can lead the way to positive results and a potential return to your freedom.

Firm founder Attorney John M. Lynch is a former federal investigator with a background investigating serious crimes. The judiciary and his peers have recognized him for his outstanding legal advocacy in cases of this very type. Attorney Lynch has a record replete with unparalleled success in criminal defense, including gun crimes, illegal possession of guns, unlawful use of a weapon, and is often requested to lecture on the subject.

His former work and accomplishments as a trial lawyer today, enable him to understand the justice system from all angles. If you have a gun crimes problem, you can count on attorney Lynch to provide strong representation to defend the charges against you.

The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC. recognizes the concern that you may have about your constitutional rights to bear arms and the frustration that can arise if a gun or other firearm was inherited or given to you and you did not know it was illegal to have it. If your case involves a weapon that was a gift, we can provide you with information on how federal gun laws apply for acceptance. Gun laws in Missouri and under federal law are complicated and include additional restrictions for felons.

Your St. Louis, Missouri Gun Charge Defense Lawyers

Attorney Lynch is a skilled trial lawyer with a professional background that includes service as a federal investigator. He has extensive knowledge about federal sentencing guidelines and federal court procedures. With his extensive experience as a St. Louis gun crime defense attorney, you can trust him to fight for you. Whether your case involves a gun, knife or other deadly weapons, he will aggressively defend the charges against you. We help clients with weapons charge issues, including:

  • Commission of a crime with a deadly weapon
  • Federal gun charges such as 922(g) and 924(c), etc.
  • Felon in possession in State and Federal Courts
  • Gun trafficking and criminal conspiracy charges
  • Illegal sale of a firearm
  • State weapons offenses

In each and every case, Attorney Lynch will seek to reduce the potential impact for the charges that you face. There are several ways to achieve this goal for you. We will work toward preventing a criminal indictment, obtaining a reduction or dismissal of your charges.

Additionally, our careful case preparation will reveal whether your allegations were for actual or constructive possession. It is important to ensure your charges are not more than they should have been for the alleged crime. We will work to achieve a favorable resolution for your case.

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