Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

Missouri Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Defense Attorney

A lawyer for physicians. Attorney John Lynch is routinely called upon to defend medical practitioners to defend them against Medicare fraud charges. Many such charges are based on questionable evidence. Having the requisite expertise is essential to protecting your practice, your professional license, and your reputation.

Medicare fraud can refer to an individual or business seeking to obtain Medicare health care reimbursement by false means (presenting false information to get paid). Although there are several forms of Medicare fraud, they are all designed with one objective- to get paid from the Medicare program illegally.

Many resources suggest that the Medicare program is ripe for fraud because it is largely based in an honor system of billing as it was originally instituted to help doctors care for the needy and get compensated for their time. Most doctors are honest. But even the honest doctor can find himself or herself the center of an investigation where paperwork gets sloppy or lost in the bureaucracy that is the Medicare program. Attorney Lynch will step in to clear up inaccuracies to protect your rights.

Understanding Medicare fraud is essential. Often Medicare fraud involves phantom billing, patient billing misstatements or inaccuracies, billing code mistakes or schemes, and other administrative issues that tend to suggest theft by fraud. The lawyers at the Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC. understand how to go through the maze of documentation to help the client achieve positive results, including preclusion of criminal charges, dismissal of charges and even acquittal where trial results.

If you are charged with Medicare or Medicaid fraud, your defense should begin immediately. An effective, articulate legal advocate is critical as the government will employ prosecutors whose sole function is to prosecute these cases. Attorney John Lynch will be the buffer you need to navigate these complicated cases in federal court.

A Former Federal Investigator and Skilled Trial Attorney Going to Work for You.

Attorney John Lynch has dedicated his practice to aggressively defending clients accused of state and federal criminal offenses; the result being a record of success for his clients. exceptional criminal defense to our clients. For years, Attorney Lynch has worked to build an impeccable reputation in the legal community as an attorney that will work tirelessly to defend his clients.

Now recognized for ability and ethics by achieving the highest possible lawyer rating, Attorney Lynch has a record for providing superior criminal defense representation yielding positive results even where unexpected. Tenacity and experience had helped build that solid defense foundation. Let Attorney Lynch go to work for you or your medical practice today.

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If you are facing Medicare or Medicaid fraud charges, call John Lynch right away. Don’t waste time hoping your case will go away or won’t turn out bad for you, your family or practice. Often, being proactive can result in no charges being filed.

Call the highly skilled St. Charles and St. Louis Medicaid Fraud attorneys at the Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC. at 314-726-9999, or contact us online. Attorney Lynch will aggressively and intelligently defend your rights.