Heroin Offenses

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Today, heroin is the comeback king of drugs. Cheap and accessible, it is often the choice for party-goers with means, especially with young men and woman. Heroin is remarkably potent, addictive, and all too often, too difficult for a person to stop using on their own. Recognizing this fact often happens too late.

Lately, the media has rightfully emphasized the impact of increased heroin consumption in the United States. If you are dealing with a heroin charge, you need a strong St. Louis and St. Charles drug defense attorney by your side. Attorney Lynch fits that bill and will use his arsenal of resources to help you.

Did you know that you could be held legally responsible for someone who has overdosed and died on heroin? This is becoming commonplace in state and federal courts. At the Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC., our lawyers know how to shield you from that liability. Call us immediately if you are facing this issue. Accidental overdose could mean a negligent homicide charge for you. Protect yourself today.

The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC, provides aggressive criminal defense for clients charged in state and federal courts with heroin-related offenses in St. Louis, St. Charles counties and surrounding communities in Missouri, Illinois and the nation with heroin issues. Attorney John M. Lynch is our law firm founder and has extensive experience successfully challenging federal criminal cases, including heroin charges.

From his former service as a law enforcement officer for drug crimes, he knows firsthand how the prosecution views a case and how to present your case in an effective manner. His ability to see an issue from all sides will strengthen your defense. Take advantage of Attorney Lynch’s special perspective on drug cases and impressive record defending against them.

Recognized by his peers and the judiciary for outstanding legal advocacy, Attorney Lynch has the record of success clients, peers and judges alike appreciate. can appreciate. Often selected by the media and his peers to speak regarding issues, Attorney Lynch has a growing reputation for ethics, ability and integrity in defending heroin cases.

The Unanticipated Consequences of Heroin Charges

Heroin is a very addictive drug that is profitable for drug dealers, and prosecutors vigorously pursue heroin distribution cases in the interest of public safety. The potential penalties are harsh, especially for repeat offenders, and most notably in federal court where the punishment can be significant prison time. Possession of any amount of heroin is a felony in state court.

Larger quantities are charged federally. Even one-time use can have serious consequences, which at their worst can cause accidental death. As stated above, dangerous overdoses of heroin are becoming a disturbing reality in our communities and can lead to other charges, including reckless homicide, or negligent administering or distributing.

Your St. Louis Heroin Crime Defense Attorney

Attorney John Lynch will aggressively defend all clients faced with heroin charges and seek to minimize the impact of any potential damage. He understands the differences between the everyday user and the high-profile distributor and how to craft an defense unique to each.

As you know, every case is different, but many times especially for first-time offenders, diversion, alternative sentencing or unsupervised probation may be alternatives. Whenever possible, our goal is to reduce or eliminate the charges you face. This can be accomplished through a careful analysis of every factor leading to the arrest.

As is true with other drug charges, illegal search and seizure practices by the police during your arrest may be a basis to have evidence thrown out of court. From our locations in St. Louis and St. Charles, we will aggressively pursue every possible means of mitigation for you regardless of where you are charged.

In fact, Attorney Lynch routinely travels to other states on behalf of other lawyers and clients alike. At the The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC., we realize your future, freedom and good name are dependent on the outcome of your case, we will do everything possible to protect you throughout the entirety of the legal process.

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