Drug Possession

St. Louis and St. Charles State and Federal Drug Possession Defense Attorney

Drug possession in any form is a serious crime. No matter how trivial the matter may seem, a criminal record can have a damaging affect for life and the courts take these matters very seriously. No criminal conviction is minor. A criminal record can make getting a job or a student loan more difficult.

Your St. Louis and St. Charles Drug Possession Defense Attorney

If you are faced with a drug charge, you need a lawyer you can trust to fight for you. The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC, provides aggressive criminal defense for clients in St. Louis, St. Charles, and surrounding communities in Missouri, Illinois and throughout the country, with all types drug possession issues whether in state or federal courts.

The type of the charges you face depends on the kind of drug involved, the quantity by weight of the drug, any record of previous criminal activity, the proximity to a school and other variables, all of which Attorney Lynch possesses the requisite skill and experience in addressing head-on to protect your rights.

Attorney Lynch’s unique background as a narcotics investigator has proven especially critical in achieving a record of success at trial, or through mitigation and negotiation. He knows how to uncover mistakes, inaccuracies and other weaknesses in your state or federal drug case to help you obtain the most favorable result possible, including acquittal (not guilty), dismissal or reduction of charges. His accomplished case history has earned him recognition by his peers and the judiciary. From this successful reputation, he is often selected to lecture on criminal defense topics.

How the Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC. Can Help You With Your State of Federal Drug Possession Case

Our firm founder John M. Lynch is an experienced trial lawyer who understands the criminal justice system from every perspective. Attorney Lynch is a former narcotic agent and can put his knowledge of how prosecutors view cases to work for you. This innate ability to understand how the other side operates is instrumental in protecting your rights.

At the Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC., our team will analyze all aspects of your case, no matter how minor. Diligence and meticulousness are paramount to protecting your rights. In fact, Attorney Lynch is well-known for his case preparation and dissection. Our representation will protect your rights at every point.

Our goal is to reduce the impact of the charges you face by any means possible. We will work tirelessly to reach a favorable result for your case through an acquittal at trial, dismissal of your charges or a plea agreement that minimizes penalties.

Each drug possession charge is different, but we will customize legal solutions to fit the needs of your case and protect your freedom and your future. Our St. Louis and St. Charles drug crime defense attorneys at the Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC. explores all options available for our clients.

At The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC, we aggressively defend clients against a variety of state and federal drug possession allegations, including:

  • Conspiracy to Distribute Drugs, Narcotics- Federal 18 USC 841(a) and 846
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute
  • Drug Trafficking in State or Federal Court
  • Manufacturing of Methamphetamine
  • Possession with Intent- Pseudoephedrine
  • Cultivation- Marijuana grow
  • Possession of Paraphernalia
  • Illicit Business Sales of Drug Related Products
  • Multi-State Drug Conspiracies- Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin , Ecstasy or Marijuana
  • Driving under the influence of drugs (DUI ) or felony DUI

Call John M. Lynch to Get Legal Help for Your Drug Possession Issue

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