Cocaine Offenses

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In Missouri, cocaine distribution is a serious charge that requires serious legal representation. With the war on drugs and increased public attention for these issues, courts and prosecutors can take a harsh view of cocaine distribution. Whether party amounts, federal quantities, “crack” cocaine possession and distribution, the lawyers at the Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC. know how to build an intelligent and reasoned defense to the charges in state and federal courts.

As stated above, the applicable punishments for a cocaine distribution conviction are severe — lengthy prison time up to a life sentence, significant fines and forfeiture of real estate and other personal property. Felony charges for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute must be aggressively fought because your freedom, future and even your property are at center stage.

This is especially true in federal cases where penalties are more stringent and constantly undergoing an evolution as to what constitutes a specific charge and the penalty associated with that charge. And more importantly, involve mandatory minimum sentences. The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC provides aggressive federal criminal defense for clients in St. Louis, Missouri. Founding partner, John M. Lynch is a St. Louis and St. Charles drug offense lawyer with a history of success for resolving tough federal cases, including cocaine distribution, possession and conspiracy all over the State of Missouri and the nation, including Texas and Florida.

St. Louis and St. Charles Defense Lawyer Handling Serious Cocaine Offenses

As a proven trial attorney with experience handling serious drug crime cases, attorney Lynch understands the complex web that comprises the federal sentencing guidelines and federal court procedures. With a professional background that includes service as a former narcotics investigator and federal drug task force agent, he understands the viewpoint of the prosecution and how to dismantle a case where it is based on faulty information or evidence.

His history of success in state and federal courts provide the proof. Frequently, he is asked to share his knowledge with his peers and to give lectures on criminal defense topics, including cross examination in drug and federal cases. Attorney Lynch has repeatedly earned recognition by achieving the highest rating possible ethics and legal ability through a nationally recognized rating firm, St. Louis Magazine, Super Lawyers, Best St. Louis Attorneys, National Trial Lawyers- Top 100 , Rising Star in Missouri and Rising Star in Kansas.

Your legal defense will be strengthened by the wealth of knowledge and experience the attorneys at the Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC. apply to every case. From the start, we carefully analyze every factor involved including quantity, evidence of distribution such as ledgers, scales, other packaging materials, distribution network, – all designed to dispute culpability and protect your rights in state and federal courts.

In federal cases, Attorney Lynch understands the legalities of Title III cases, or wiretap cases, as they are frequently known. He will use this knowledge to ascertain whether your rights to privacy and to be protected from illegal search and seizure have been violated.

In most drug cases, the 4th Amendment is in play and you have rights. Most of these federal and state cases involve the seizure of drugs or other drug-related evidence. Attorney Lynch has a keen understand of search and seizure protocol in federal and state contexts and how expose violations to limit what evidence is introduced.

Attorney Lynch will file motions to suppress evidence if it was improperly obtained during a car or house search. In some cases, charges can be dismissed if illegal search and seizure was used to attain evidence.

Our goal is to reduce the potential impact of the charges that you face. We will pursue any mitigating factors that could reduce or eliminate the charges against you. At every point, we will fight to protect your rights as we seek to attain a favorable resolution for your case. Attorney Lynch is not afraid to take a case to trial, is battle-tested in state and federal courts, and has proven trial results for his clients.

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