Tax Fraud

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The Internal Revenue Service and the Missouri Department of Revenue are two government entities everyone is afraid of. National news conjures up scary images of businesses and individuals alike finding themselves at the center of tax investigations. Couple that with the over-complicated state and federal tax codes, and all of their regulation, and you have a potential legal mess. Attorney John Lynch has the expertise to help you navigate this labyrinth of tax regulation to ensure your rights or your business is protected.

Using important resources, such as forensic CPAs, accountants and private tax investigators has helped Attorney Lynch successfully defend individuals and businesses alike from state and federal charges, all of which involves a complicated web of evidence requiring dissection and analysis in order to articulate to a court of jury a plausible explanation of suspicious activity. Attorney Lynch has helped clients even avoid the filing of criminal tax charges by working with tax authorities to iron out misunderstandings and inaccurate information.

If you or your business are the subject of a state or federal tax case, call Attorney Lynch right away. Let the Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC. employ the resources and expertise necessary to protect your rights.

A Former Federal Investigator Defending Your Case

At the Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC., John Lynch uses his investigative background and trial expertise to form the building blocks of an effective defense to criminal charges for tax fraud. With a reputation for integrity and diligence, Attorney Lynch will serve as your legal advocate when dealing with the IRS and the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Having the requisite resources is essential as both of these agencies will employ their own arsenal of investigative means to prove their cases. Dedication and experience will help to ensure fair treatment. Let Attorney Lynch use his own resources to help you defense against state or federal tax fraud charges.

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Potential tax fraud charges are serious. Choose Attorney John Lynch to help you craft an effective defense. Protect your rights today.

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