Credit Card Fraud

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Credit card charges often involve identity theft charges in a general scheme to obtain funds and/or material goods. Such charges are often brought in federal court where Attorney John Lynch operates on a daily basis. Credit card charges can be based on several situations, including:

  • Sophisticated multi-state conspiracies with multiple persons using large numbers of illegally obtained credit card numbers to defraud individuals, retailers and the credit card companies
  • Individuals using a credit card without authorization
  • Using a stolen identity to secure a credit card in someone else’s name

If you are facing credit card fraud charges, you need representation that is able to successfully defend your rights at both the state and federal levels. Credit card fraud can be charged as a state crime, a federal crime or concurrently as both. Not all criminal attorneys are experienced in defending cases at the federal level. It is important that you have the representation of an attorney who has a track record of success at the federal level as well as the state level. Attorney Lynch has successfully defended many clients charged in credit card schemes in state and federal courts.

A Former Police Investigator Using His Knowledge to Help You.

At the Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC., Attorney Lynch brings years of experience as a former state and federal investigator and as a defense attorney together to create a unique and successful defense for his clients. That is why so many clients have referred Attorney Lynch other individuals and businesses from across the country to defend against difficult white collar criminal cases. Attorney Lynch is a skilled trial lawyer who has built a solid reputation of integrity and tenacity in our state and federal courts, and with the appeals courts on a variety of issues.

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