Making Smart Choices

Lately, there has been a rush of prosecutions in the area of what we legal practitioners like to call White Collar Crime.  Of course, this term is just the umbrella descriptor for a whole host of federal crimes for which convictions can have dire consequences.  This would include criminal allegations of Public Corruption, Extortion, Bribery, Fraud such as Medicare/Medicaid, Mortgage and Insurance Fraud, and Embezzlement.  These particularly complex federal crimes require skilled counsel with the knowledge and expertise to evaluate the substance of the case and provide the right defense.  Substance over form trumps form over substances here.  Many attorneys with general practices like to represent that they can handle these federal criminal cases because of relative success in State and Local courts.  Unfortunately, the opposite is too often the case.  Federal Criminal Defense involves a whole separate set of rules and laws than that of State courts.  Additionally, these rules are more stringent, have often unforeseen consequences, and therefore requires legal counsel with the required legal acumen to jump on board and steer the client toward success- or better stated to salvage the client’s life.   That is why it is critically important to have a legal team with the resources, experience and level of skill necessary to represent your interests.  Not doing so could mean your life as you know it.

These federal cases are becoming more prevalent in our society.  We see it every day in our government, corporations, and education system where individuals are accused of violating federal law as it pertains to a host of activities deemed illicit by statute.  With the whole “interstate commerce” thing, that could mean almost anything when it comes to the use of one’s PC to transfer funds, etc.  Recently, St. Louis and its surrounding area has seen an influx of these type federal criminal prosecutions and the sad result of poor decision making as it pertains to choosing the right law group.  The result- too much restitution, too much prison time and the dismantling on many families.  This is where is incumbent on any person accused of a federal crime to do their research.  Federal crimes require Federal lawyers.

YOU must educate yourself as to those rules and your rights.  As a former police investigator, JOHN M. LYNCH has the requisite experience and training to handle your federal criminal case.  Trained by the police academy, the State of Missouri and the federal government, JOHN M. LYNCH not only understands the various aspects of federal investigations and later litigation, but teaches it to other attorneys as well.  Key to your defense is being able to intelligently question the methodology employed by the investigating agents and articulating error to a jury and the court.   That alone is why having the right representation is paramount.  JOHN M. LYNCH has an unmatched record of success in state and federal courts all across the Missouri.  If you want successful representation  for your federal criminal case, the attorney you choose must be one that is familiar and practices in this area on a regular basis.  The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC. is the prominent defense firm that handles criminal cases nationwide.