Getting Hurt at Work and Workers Compensation Laws

The workers compensation system in Missouri is designed to provide certain benefits for Missouri workers who get injured while on the job. In Missouri, every full time or part time employee working for a Missouri employer with at least five employees is protected by the Missouri Workers Compensation coverage. There are a few exceptions to this rule, so if you are not sure about whether you qualify for workers compensation you need to contact the right workers compensation attorney. Having the right attorney is crucial to maximizing your compensation. There are certain deadlines and procedures on when and how to file a workers compensation claim that need to be kept in mind.  The right workers compensation attorney is Attorney John M. Lynch. Mr. Lynch has represented many individuals that have gotten hurt at their place of employment and has been successful in getting his clients substantial results based on their injuries.  Having the right attorney that knows what benefits the Missouri Workers Compensation law provides is crucial into receiving the compensation that you deserve.

Attorney John M. Lynch and his team lead in providing tailored and aggressive representation on behalf of our workers compensation clients. He has years of experience handling workers compensation cases, having gotten a number of substantial settlements for our clients. Mr. Lynch and our entire firm strive to help clients understand their rights, seek compensation and help them rebuild their lives after an injury at work. If you want successful representation for your workers compensation matter, the attorney you choose must be one that is familiar and practices in this area on a regular basis. Call us today (314) 726-9999 or take a look at our website at