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Felony drunk driving charges result from accidents with injury or death, multiple prior offenses and other characteristics, and therefore, must be addressed by a knowledgeable lawyer like John M. Lynch. Being convicted of a felony DUI/DWI will result in serious punishments with a potential for lifelong consequences as a result of having a felony on your criminal record.

At The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC, Attorney Lynch utilizes extensive law enforcement training and background to confidently and successfully defend against felony DWI cases for clients in St. Charles and St. Louis and throughout the State of Missouri.

Attorney John M. Lynch is an forceful advocate for our clients’ rights. Attorney Lynch years of experience representing clients in both state and federal courts where he puts his legal acumen and litigation prowess to use. Attorney Lynch will thoroughly examine your felony DUI/DWI case in order to determine the best possible course of action In building your defense. Whether trial, reduced or complete dismissal of charges, Attorney Lynch’s expertise and litigation skills are employed for your case with professionalism and detail.

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Generally, a felony DWI in Missouri will be filed as a Class D felony which can result in a monetary fine of up to $5,000 plus court costs, prison term up to four years and other conditions. Depending on priors and other aggravating circumstances, your felony DWI could also be filed as a higher-class felony with an even greater term of imprisonment. Simply stated, multiple DWI/ DUI convictions or more egregious charges (DWI-manslaughter) can result in more severe punishments: more jail time, larger fines and more stringent conditions such ignition interlock systems installation or permanent revocation of your driving privilege. Attorney Lynch understands how to solve this equation. Turn to the Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC. to start building your felony DWI defense today.

Probation for a Felony DWI- Maybe?

You are not automatically entitled to probation for your felony DWI. In fact, probation where applicable, comes with a set of very strict conditions and possible conviction. For example, courts cannot give probation or allow the driver to pay a fine in place of imprisonment for a Missouri felony DWI. To receive probation for a Missouri felony DUI/DWI, the driver must serve a minimum of 10 days in jail or perform 60 days’ community service under supervision.

The Required Ignition Interlock System

With the ever-evolving statutory framework surrounding DWI/DUI charges, ignition interlock has not been made a requirement in many situations. Therefore, if you plead guilty to or are convicted of a felony DWI, you will be required to install an ignition interlock system in your vehicle for a certain time at great financial expense.

The Ignition interlock device is an apparatus that is hooked into your vehicle which tests the driver’s breath for alcohol. If any alcohol is detected, usually above .025 percent (roughly a quarter of the legal limit), the vehicle simply won’t start. Many ignition interlock devices will require the driver to keep blowing into the device at certain intervals to keep the vehicle operating. Where there are multiple failed attempts for positive alcohol tests resulting in vehicle lockouts, the driver must pay to have the car taken to a certified service center in order to have the system reset.

Having an ignition interlock system can have personal and professional ramifications. If you use your vehicle for business, a client may observe you having to blow into the device, resulting in a less-than-stellar impression being made. The device may create a personal stigma that is hard to shake.

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