Estate Planning: What you need to know and why it’s important

Many people believe that estate planning is for the wealthy. This misconception may arise from the fact that the estate tax exemption is higher than what most people have in their estates. However, even though your estate may not be subject to an estate tax, estate planning is still crucial so that you have a peace of mind knowing your assets will end up how you’ve intended. With this in mind, estate planning is extremely important, as you want to make sure you have control as to how your property and assets are disbursed. Without the proper estate planning, your assets will be disbursed according to Missouri Interstate laws. There are many important decisions that have to be made when creating your estate plan. For instance, who you want as beneficiaries, who you want to be the trustee, how do you want to divide your assets? These are all important questions that one must think about when making decisions of how to disburse your asset, and the respective tax issues that may arise, such as gift and income tax. It is never too late to start putting together your estate plan. It is crucial to have an attorney that is knowledgeable and one that can help and guide you through this process to make sure your assets end up in the right hands.

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