DWI Administrative Hearings

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The Department of Revenue (DOR) has the statutory authority to regulate your ability to drive. That means a DWI/DUI arrest can result in a temporary suspension and possibly revocation of your driving privilege. The DOR administrative hearings are more complex than most people thing. It is not a matter of saying sorry, but rather involves the ability to address the accuracy of the field sobriety tests, blood, breath and/or urine analyses and the arresting officer’s actions. Don’t take a chance of becoming just another file, legal statistic, and someone without a license.

If you are dealing with a DUI/DWI issue, you need to take prompt legal action to schedule your DOR administrative hearing and to have an experienced lawyer by your side. The DOR has a very strict time frame for purposes of contesting a suspension or revocation of your license. Failure to pay attention to this time frame could mean you waived important rights or opportunities to fight your case. The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC, provides aggressive representation for clients in St. Louis, Missouri, with DWI issues, including administrative hearings.

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As a former police investigator, our firm founder attorney John M. Lynch understands the criminal justice system from all sides. Attorney Lynch has been recognized by other lawyers and the judiciary and peers for his accomplishments. Frequently, he is requested to lecture on criminal defense topics.

He has earned recognition by Martindale Hubbel – AV Preeminent Rating (Highest Possible), Super Lawyers, the National Trial Lawyers-Top 100, Best St. Louis Attorneys, Rising Star in Missouri and Rising Star in Kansas. Attorney Lynch is routinely featured in St. Louis Magazine and tapped as a legal commentator by the media.

John Lynch’s skill in handling criminal issues will strengthen your case. You can rely on The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC, to aggressively defend the charges against you at every stage of the DOR Administrative process.

Department of Revenue (DOR) Administrative Hearing Process

As stated above, the (DOR) could suspend/revoke your driving privileges during an administrative hearing. A petition for an administrative hearing has to filed within 15 or 30 days of your arrest depending on the circumstances involved with the alleged crime. Failure to do so could have terrible results, like a waiver and loss of your driving privilege.

It is important to remember the possible suspension/revocation of your driver’s license during the DOR hearing is separate from the DWI/DUI criminal case and can lead to license suspension/revocation as a penalty for conviction. Attorney Lynch understands the misleading complexities of the administration process and will work to build your defense at the DOR hearing to protect your license. Attorney Lynch has successfully protected the driving privileges of hundreds of clients.

To prepare for your administrative hearing, it is important to start as soon as possible after your DWI charge is made. A thorough investigation of every factor involved with your DWI arrest is the cornerstone of your case. Your case can be dramatically impacted by the outcome of the administrative hearing.

Attorney Lynch is a former police investigator with the same kind of training and certifications as many arresting officers have. His former background in police work enables him to uncover any mistakes made during your arrest that could benefit your case. From our success resolving criminal cases, we are confident in our ability to help you recover or protect your driver’s license privileges.

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We will work to protect your driving privileges and your future. Rest assured, if any procedures were not properly followed during your arrest, we will ask the court to suppress that evidence and dismiss your charges. In addition to seeking a dismissal of your charges, if needed, we will pursue an agreement to reduce the level of penalties that you could face.

We will dedicate our resources to attain a favorable outcome for your DUI/DWI hearing. Unlike many other lawyers, Mr. Lynch understands how to conduct these hearings to benefit clients for license privilege recovery.

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