Child Pornography Possession

St. Louis and St. Charles child pornography defense lawyer

Child Pornography crimes inherently involve a series charges that require an aggressive, intellectual and reasoned defense. Often such crimes involve the use of certain peer-to-peer file sharing software, that in turn, require the use of experts for purpose of discerning whether or not the software was appropriately used and whether or not the actual child pornography in issue can be associated with the client. At the Law Offices of John M. Lynch, St. Louis and St. Charles child pornography defense lawyers will zealously protect your rights to ensure that the case is investigated appropriately and in a manner designed to limit or preclude liability. With a litany of resources at their disposal, the Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC have the ability to handle complex child pornography matters in a way that benefits the client. Our history reveals a large measure of success to include dismissal of charges, mitigation of charges and other resolutions that avoid conviction and/or prison time, and equally important, registration as a sex offender.

Aggressive Offense Against Child Pornography Charges

Make sure that you are insulated from overzealous investigations and potential false charges that you intentionally accessed child pornography by employing the best advocate, the Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC. Child pornography necessarily includes video, photographs or other images of children either portrayed in a sexual context or used for sexual purposes. Our St. Louis, St. Charles and Missouri criminal defense lawyers can provide a vigorous and appropriate defense against all child pornography charges including:

  • Possession and distribution of all child pornography;
  • Receipt of child pornography via the internet
  • Production of child pornography

If you find yourself charged with child pornography related charges and even if you are unaware that these materials are present on your computer, investigators may aggressively pursue you if digital information leads to your IP address and other personal descriptors. The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC will use the appropriate experts to examine your hard drive and internet history for purposes of attacking the validity of any search warrant issues to provide you with the best defense. It is well known that a sex crime conviction will plague you for the rest of your life, particularly when children are involved, and which may result in complete deprivation of custodial rights. You may also be required to register as a sex offender for life that will also affect your employment and residence. With your personal liberty at stake it is important to hire a firm with extensive and prudent experience in handling cases of this nature.

Experienced Defense Attorneys Against Federal Charges

The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC are experienced in handling cases of child pornography in Federal Court. Federal charges are often more egregious and punitive than State charges are wholly distinguishable. The lawyers at the Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC have the appropriate experience in challenging federal sex charges made in Federal Court. Attorney Lynch understands the unique protocol that must be filed in a federal case and as a federal practitioner has an unparalleled record of success in Federal courts. The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC has access to a vast network of defense resources to include the experts educated on the latest internet and computer software and will use these experts and their knowledge to argue in your favor. Call for a free consultation with a Missouri sex crimes attorney today. A child pornography charge means that your freedom and personal reputation are at stake. Contact our St. Louis and St. Charles County criminal defense lawyers online or at 314-726-9999 for free initial consultation.

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