Attorney Referrals

John Lynch Routinely Assists Other Lawyers Nationwide with Federal and State Criminal Defense

For the last several years, many law firms have reached out to Attorney John Lynch to represent their clients in certain, complicated case, thus relying on his extensive litigation experience. Across the two-state region and nationwide, attorneys have referred federal criminal matters to Attorney Lynch after researching his background, experience and consistent pattern of positive results in representing clients in the most complex of federal matters. Other lawyers, judges, and even law enforcement officials have turned to Attorney Lynch to assist them in cases of special import. To date, a significant percentage of Attorney Lynch's client base comes from attorney referrals.

As a member of the prestigious Lead Panel of the Criminal Justice Act Panel (CJA) attorneys for the Eastern District of Missouri, Attorney Lynch is regularly appointed to represent indigent defendants charged with serious and markedly complex federal criminal matters. The CJA panel is comprised of a select group criminal attorneys who mentor other lawyers and accept cases in federal court which involve the most serious, resource-intensive cases. In this capacity, Attorney Lynch has been selected to represent clients in very difficult situations, including murder, conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, 922(g) cases, 924 cases, RICO-Racketeering, kidnapping, multi-state drug conspiracy, and white collar criminal cases where the Court and other attorneys have expressed their confidence in Attorney Lynch's ability to handle such matters in an effective and ethical manner.

Attorney Lynch is routinely consulted by other federal practitioners on matters of criminal defense and has lectured on various criminal defense topics at area universities, the federal courts, the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Federal Defenders and Lorman Education Services.

As a Practicing Attorney, Why Should I Refer a Client to JOHN LYNCH?
  • Former Police Officer, Detective and Federal Task Force Agent with unique insight to the law enforcement process in both state and federal contexts.
  • Proven record of results through aggressive litigation.
  • No nonsense representation.
  • Earned reputation for honesty and integrity.
  • Successful representation of foreign nationals, dignitaries and other persons of significant political and social importance, and the ability to be discreet.
  • Extensive legal resources necessary to fight against complex federal and state cases.
  • Experienced in public relations, working with media, and maintains professional relationships with media on a state and national basis.
The Law Offices of John M. Lynch Welcomes Referrals in Missouri and Nationwide

Attorney Lynch has successfully represented clients throughout Missouri and across the country in complex federal cases. He understands the difficulty in finding and trusting an attorney with requisite skill level and prowess in federal courts, no matter the location. Attorney Lynch understands the complexities of federal criminal defense and how to apply his knowledge to each case. Attorney Lynch is honored to receive continued attorney referrals and appreciates assisting other lawyers with very difficult cases. Contact us today to refer your federal criminal case of personal injury matter.

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