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Sex crimes are horrific and emotionally charged. Understanding how to filter through the emotion to get to the bottom line is essential if you are to avoid a lengthy prison sentence. Sexual assault or rape charges can still have a negative impact on your life even if you are never convicted. The accusation alone carries a strong social stigma that can blemish your personal and business reputation. As a accomplished lawyer with a strong and successful background defending against these cases, Attorney John Lynch can protect you from the devastation of sexual assault charges. The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC. provides representation to clients in St. Charles, St. Louis and surrounding communities throughout Missouri and the nation. Attorney Lynch has personally appeared on sex-related crimes in federal courts in many states. Attorney Lynch appreciates the importance of working through the minutiae of these cases to get to the truth on behalf of the client. Founding partner, Attorney John M. Lynch has extensive experience investigating these crimes and trying them in state and federal courts. His officer has achieved unparalleled success representing clients faced with sexual assault issues.

St. Louis and St. Charles Rape Defense Lawyer

Being emotionally charges and important to the community in-so-far as addressing, sex crime case such as assault or rape often receive close attention from the media. Accordingly, prosecutors in federal and state court, as well as assigned judges are aware of this attention and will often take a rigid stance on these case. All the more important that you legal advocate provide your side of the story, expose weaknesses in the investigation or evidence to protect your rights. Having the right lawyer is critical as penalties for sexual assault or rapes cases can be severe, even for the first-time offender. Mandatory registration as a sex offender is another concern as your reputation will be tarnished.

As an accomplished trial lawyer with wide-ranging experience in federal and state court, Attorney Lynch is a hard line legal advocate for those accused of sexual assault and rape- all designed to ensure your rights are protected. From his background as a former law enforcement investigator, he understands how the prosecution views a case and how to defend against that view professionally and ethically.

Throughout the legal process, Attorney Lynch will make certain that your defense, your case, and your position are heard and presented in an intelligent and poignant manner. At The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC, our attorneys will protect your rights at every stage. Whether your legal issue involves an Internet sex crime, rape or another form of sexual assault, Attorney Lynch will investigate and defend against each and every factor involved with the alleged incident. His investigation will determine what information to present to the court and focus on relevant components involved with your charge. Since emotions only complicate matters, we help our clients to get past them and focus on the facts. From his previous work investigating theses crimes, Attorney Lynch understands the impact small details can have on big cases. He is a proven trial lawyer with a record of success in state and federal courts.

Attorney Lynch maintains a national presence and has represented clients in a number of federal jurisdictions in addition to Missouri, including California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Ohio, New York and New Jersey. Regularly, he is referred to other states for high-profile cases. Recognized by the judiciary and peers for outstanding legal advocacy, Attorney Lynch has a record replete with unparalleled success and is often selected to lecture on criminal defense topics.

Your St. Charles and St. Louis Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

No matter what type of charges or how high the stakes are for your issue, Attorney Lynch has the determination and skill needed to represent you. Attorney Lynch will dedicate his many resources to obtaining the most favorable outcome possible for you. Forensic scientists, psychological experts and private investigators may be used to support your case. Attorney Lynch’s focus is to confirm all relevant information, including the possibility of false accusations triggered by divorce or some other prior dispute. He will explore every possibility that could support your sexual assault defense because he knows your that your freedom, your future and reputation are on the line.

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Facing sexual assault charges can be a tormenting experience, but you have legal options, and we can discuss them with you. To arrange a free initial consultation with the Law Offices of John Lynch, LLC., call 314-726-9999 or e-mail us.

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